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Joe Shuta began long-distance running in 1973 when he laced up a pair of Converse high tops and carried a stopwatch. A week later, he had difficulty walking and decided that not to run was a much wiser choice.

Three years and too many pounds later, Joe decided to jump into the running boom of the 70’s, along with 25 million other Americans. Running shoes and more training advice led him to numerous 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. While living in Mexico in 1982, he completed his first marathon in 3:05. Although now his pace should be timed with a calendar rather than a stopwatch, Joe continues to pound the pavement with eighteen marathons, six ultra-marathons, and thousands of extra miles on the soles of his shoes.

Joe’s goal is to share some of his running experiences over the years: good, bad, and often amusing. He also aspires to encourage readers to share their own running experiences and what motivates them.

“At sixty-seven, I like to think that age is chasing me.”

Bill Rodgers: Running Down An Icon

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Bill Rodgers: Running Down An Icon

Four-time winner each of the Boston Marathon and New York City Marathon between 1975 and 1980, Bill Rodgers discusses how he began running, his world class success, accepting slowing down, the horrific events of the Boston Marathon bombing and what the future holds for him.


Boston Marathon photos courtesy of Jeff Johnoson/RunMoreMiles.com

1975 IAFF World Cross Country Championships and awards photos courtesy of Bill Rodgers.

2016 New York Marathon Expo courtesy of NYRR.

Female runners photos courtesy of Erik Brown.

Dean Karnazes Runs By

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Dean Karnazes Runs By

Dean Karnazes discusses his latest book, “The Road to Sparta,” along with several running-related topics. He also relates an amusing story (but not for him at the time) about a incident while he was running at night.

Dean Karnazes submitted photos

Dave Wottle: Gold Medal Olympian

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Dave Wottle: Gold Medal Olympian

In one of the greatest comeback wins in the history of track, Dave Wottle won the Olympic 800-meter final in the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Dave reveals his perspective before, during and after the finish.

Watch the race by clicking here.

Snickers Half Marathon Awards and More

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Nice backpack and commemorative glass given to age group award winners. Unfortunately, the backpack wasn’t filled with Snickers candy. Fortunately, race bags included Snickers and samples were available at the Expo and Packet pick-up the day before the race. Great race and great candy!



Snickers Marathon and Half Marathon

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Ran the Snickers half marathon in Albany, Ga. on March 5th. Great race, great weather and great people in Georgia.
Thank you to the race organizers, volunteers, cheering spectators along the race route and the people of Albany, Ga. who welcomed me with their Southern hospitality.



Ms. Georgia Loves Baseball

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Ms. Georgia Loves Baseball

Ms. Georgia United States 2015, Jacqueline Wilkins, shares her love of baseball that began at a young age and continues today.