About Joe Shuta


Joe Shuta’s passion for radio began when his mother, who worked for Sylvania, bought him his first transistor radio (thanks to a 40% employees’ discount) at the age of eight. When an uncle, visiting from Pittsburgh, brought a reel-to-reel recorder to the house, Joe became the in-house DJ and newsman with an imaginary audience of millions.

The ensuing years, with thousands of hours of radio listening constantly in the background, eventually led to forty years of part-time stints in radio as a board operator, DJ, newsman, copy writer, sports talk show co-host and eventually host of a weekly sports talk show for sixteen years.

Wrapped around radio was a career that included teaching secondary Spanish for thirty-eight years, owning a baseball card store for a decade and a half, announcing high school football and track and running eighteen marathons and six fifty-mile races.

Joe has always been fascinated by the fact that everyone has a story. With that in mind, this website’s goal is to give you the chance to listen to conversations with current and former athletes, announcers, reporters and sports fans.